Why can’t I search for MDIIO tags / Additional Tags in hyprAUDIO?

1 min. readlast update: 11.03.2022


When you opt-in your tracks to hyprAUDIO, our AI helps you to automatically scan, and tag your tracks for you. This way, when you search our catalogue, the tags are consistent across the board. 

Click here for a list of tags that are searchable in hyprAUDIO: https://14035176.kb.help/what-tags-can-i-search-for-in-hypraudio/

When tagging tracks in MDIIO (Additional Tags) this helps you organize your own catalogue for your own personal searches in your MDIIO account. MDIIO tags are member-specified. We think adding as much data to searches is the way to go, and we’re working to include member-specified tags into hyprAUDIO searches, but we’re still collecting all the monkeys needed. They’re really skittish, and there’s currently a typewriter supply chain issue.

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