How do I create a playlist?

1 min. readlast update: 04.18.2022

Creating a playlist is easy and helps organize your music.

First click Playlist in the top horizontal menu. Then click the "+" button to create a new playlist.


From here add the title of the playlist, then some details about it. 


Just make sure to hit save. By default, it will make your playlist public. If you wish to keep it hidden from public, deselect the checkbox. 

If you've already uploaded music you can select "EDIT/ADD Tracks", and select each song you wish to include within the playlist. Then hit "Update". If you wish to remove them from the playlist, uncheck them and click "UPDATE"


There you go! You've added songs to your playlist. 

You can also create a playlist, and upload music directly to it. Just select "ADD Tracks"


Wait one more thing! You'll have a share URL that you can copy and paste once you've created the playlist and added music. 

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