How do I manage Splits?

1 min. readlast update: 04.18.2022

Managing Splits is easy, which will help you distribute ownership.

By default the song ownership splits will go 100% to you, you can change this within the splits setting within your track. Click on your track and you'll be able to access splits here. 

Click the button on the top right hand side to add another contributor. 


You'll be prompted to search for a user by their first and last name, if they are not present within the system no worries! We'll send them an invite to join MDIIO. If you know who they are you can select them. Just click "ADD".


You'll then need to edit the split accordingly, as its assigned 100% to you by default. 


Clicking on "EDIT SPLITS" will enable you to change the percentage. Just make sure you change the person with the 100% first, before you update the other user's split percentage.


Go ahead and hit "SAVE SPLITS", you've now successfully added a split!

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